Game Development Tools & Resources

I often get asked what are my daily drivers, i.e. what tool I use to develop games, stay organized and run my website. I created this page so I can have a handy reference and perhaps help anyone else who would be interested. This is a curated list that will eveolve over time.


Unity is my personal favorite game engine. If you are planning to get your game on as many platforms as possible then this is the engine for you. The unity asset store is a huge bonus that can get any project started quickly.

Get Unity
Gamemaker Studio

Gamemaker is the indie developers go-to engine. If you are primarily making 2d pixel based games aimed at Desktops then Gamemaker may be your best bet. Gamemaker is easy to learn, which means you get your game up and running quickly!

Get Gamemaker

Aseprite is a feature packed sprite editor that is perfect for creating pixel artwork. It is updated frequently and runs on both Mac and Windows.

Get Aseprite
Visual Studio Code

A great all around editor for development. It has extensions that can work with everything from Unity to Pico-8. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Get Visual Studio Code

Pico-8 is a fantasy console for making tiny games quickly and easily. It also makes it incredibly easy to share. This is a great tool for game jams and developing games with tight constraints.

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Mac Book Pro

A bit pricy but runs both Mac and Windows. It is my primary work horse.

Get A Mac Book
Surface Pro 4

If you need a reasonably priced all round computer then you cant go wrong with the surface pro. It is not only a great portable computer but also an amazing drawing tablet. This is my go to computer for working on the go!

Get A Surface
8bitdo Pro

This retro inspired bluetooth controller works on most platforms. It is a must have for developers who want to travel light. It works on Mac, Windows, Android and IOS devices.

Get A 8BitDo Pro

This needs no explanation. If you are targeting mobile platforms, you will probably want an Apple device.

Get An IPhone
GPD XD or Q9

My android tablets of choice. They both have physical controls for playing android games or older consoles through emulation.

Pocket Chip

The pocket chip is a tiny linux computer. It is the cheap and best of all you can create Pico-8 games on the go.

Get A PocketChip
Web Applications

Track your tasks and todos with this web application. You get 90% of the feature absolutely free. Your todos are available on iOS, Android and Desktop so you can track them anywhere.


My cloud solution of choice. I use dropbox to sync my projects between my Surface and my MacBook. When used with Updog it also acts as a cheap web-hosting solution.

Web Development

This website was created using Jekyll. It is a great static website solution that can be hosted on git or dropbox using


This is a the solution I use for hosting a static website through dropbox. It allows me to use markdown to edit and create pages. Updog is low cost solution for hosting a website. I cannot recommend this service enough.

The Spriters Resource

This is a nice site for finding pixel art references. An absolute must use resource for any pixel artist out there.

The Spriters Resource
Spelunky by Derek Yu

An inspiring indie story about the development of Spelunky. It is a good read for any fan of the game as well as any aspiring indie game developer.

Get Spelunky By Derek Yu
Level Up! by Scott Rogers

If you need a solid understanding of how to break down the design of a game then give this one a read. It is informative and funny. It also has good practical advice for any game designer.

Get Level Up!

Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you want to buy something here and would like to support my site, you can use these links. Otherwise just use google and find the items yourself. Thanks.